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Default Lookin for multiplex fun jet, kit or otherwise

Good Morning members, well going to put in another 2000 miles this week for Greyhound, Got to make the money to play, I have a bass boat, motorcycle an a hanger of planes to support as wel las 3 grandchildren. an a understanding Mrs, LOL

Anyone run across a multiplex fun jet, let me know, Full fuselodge would be ok without electronics, I can put together advice from Chellie on what to put in the fun jet. Im just having having trouble finding the airframe. Multiplex moving on to the ultra, etc,,,,,,,I have a fun jet on the way from Chellie, PNP, 103 MPH she put together, fine Set up, shes a good one to deal with. Just looking to build out another one as time goes on.

Have agreat wednesday, Happy Flying. John in Alabama
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