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Default Dull finish for Ultracote

So I normally build from short kits or kits but this time I was so impressed with the E-Flite P-51B that I went with an ARF. Now I feel like I need to go to a twelve step group (hello my name is Dave and I bought an ARF) ...just kidding. I have always wanted a 50-60" Mustang that is not so "sport scale" (translation: UGLY) and electric but I could never find a nice kit. Most are converted nitro and too heavy. I also like the "B" model instead of the "D" which everyone seems to do.

It is a really well done model and I have to say it is cool that they include detailed weathering instructions for the finish. However, here is my question:

If I spray Testors dullcote on it will it adhere and will I be able to apply heat to the covering later to fix wrinkles?

The instructions call for a coating of dullcote followed by weathering with pastels and more dullcote. I have done this type of finish before on scale plastic models and it works great and is very realistic but this model is balsa sheeted and Ultracote and Monokote films always bubble and pull away over time and need maintenance with a heat gun or iron.Also, I would like to add even more detail and here is my second question:

What is the best media/technique for drawing panel lines over a dark color like olive drab?

I was thinking of a fine tip "Sharpie" but I have never done the panel line thing before.


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