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That's gonna leave a mark
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Thanks for answering.

I am doing my panel lines after the dullcote but I am wondering if I can leave them without a clear coat.

I sprayed the dullcote over my Mustang's OD green over gray Ultracote and it did a perfectly beautiful job of dulling the film. It really looks wonderful. I used pastel chalk to weather it by scraping it into dust and dry brushing the streaks and stains on. Then I did a light coat of dullcote over the weathering. I am really pleased with the results. All the smoke stains from the exhaust and machine guns and all the grease streaks came out very realistic. I weathered the plane to look well used.

I will post some pictures.

I am still a little intimidated by all the panel lines that are on the P-51B but I think I will go for it.

Thanks again, it is good to hear I will still be able to touch up the film with the iron.

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