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That's gonna leave a mark
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Nearing completion. I am really happy with the dullcote. It seems to have good adhesion and as such should protect all the artwork. It took a lot of hours to assemble and detail but I think it was very worthwhile.

I initially used an airbrush and blue tape to highlight the panel lines but later found that using blue tape and dry brushing some dark brown, green and black along the tape edge worked just as well. So, those folks out there that don't have a compressor and airbrush, this whole finishing process could be done with spray cans of Dullcote, blue tape, brushes, pastel chalks, and a ruler (about $30 total materials cost!). I just scrape the chalk into dust (with an X-acto knife) into a little container (all three colors together) and then use a broad brush that has been cut short to pick up the chalk and rub it into the edge of the tape line. Then I use my finger to blend the line. If you get and area that sucks, you can remove it with Windex, let it dry and retry. It is pretty mistake proof. I used a 1/48th plastic model kit to really see the panel lines and other details.....

Waiting for a motor and speed control to come.

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