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Default sport flying combat planes

A few years ago I saw some 1/2a sized glow planes flying ribbon cutting combat at my local field and realized that these planes were small and light enough to fly with inexpensive 450 class brushless motors and common 2200 sized cells.
We bought three 1/2a planes from, one for me and a buddy and a third for my Dad. The build was easy with pink foam and colored tape construction, mine is yellow with blue stripes and combat was very fun, (seriously, try it if you haven't yet). What I was suprised most by, however, was how much fun the combat plane was to fly for general sport flying.
General flight performance was very good with strong vertical, decent speed, fast rolls ect, and of course is VERY durable. I have found that I bring this plane with me to the field just for fun flying, even when I know there will be no combat that day. My combat plane actually sees much more flight hours just sport flying than combat hours. Its sort of a go-to plane that always fun, and encourages my to take risks in part because I know it won't get seriously damaged if I biff it into the ground.
There are lots of types of combat planes out there, but the common element of good handling and durability makes all of them fun planes to own.
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