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Originally Posted by NoResults View Post
Do you recommend this over a solder station for most rc work. I can not get the wire hot neough with a 30 watt iron and am getting quite frustrated with soldering deans. Think of switching to anderson power poles but if I could get a good iron that is adjustable maybee I can avoid another tool. Thanks
IMHO, once you've got to the Anderson Power Poles, you'll never go back. With the proper crimping tool, you can connect a terminal to the wire in only a few seconds.

We used them by the thousands every month at work before retiring. But, could not find the same exact terminal on line that we use at work. But, did finally locate some. Note that these terminals must also use the same housing from the same company. The finished product is compatible with the Anderson Power Poles, but the individual terminals are not compatible with the Anderson Power Pole plastic housing.

I've got the Powerex crimper, it's a very good buy at $39. Note that commercial duty crimpers prices START at about 10 times that $39.

Also note that the Powerex terminals are about 65% as thick as the Allied terminals.

As for soldering, if you want to go for soldering #12 wire and similar, that 100 watt temperature regulated soldering iron makes it a lot easier. But, you also would need a 40 watt temperature regulated soldering iron for soldering servo wires and similar materials if you need to do that sort of thing. Be sure to pick up a 40 watt iron that has a variety of tips from very small diameter to about 3/16 inch diameter or so.

A lot of places have these regulated irons. Take a look:

I've ordered stuff from MPJA, they have good stuff.

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