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Originally Posted by rcers View Post
It is TINY less than three ounces.

Here is some good data...

As you can see below the fan is a 28mm! A 2s 200mA 25c pack is needed. Mmmmmmm nice.

Official announcement comes the 1st of Feb.

A post at RCU lists this MiG-15 with the AS3X stabilization gyro, too, so possibly flyable in wind........aaaarrrrgghhhhh! E-flite hitting up the addict for the "latest new high, man."
Great. I'm jones-ing, E-flite, real bad. I'll pay you Tuesday for a MiG today. Help a guy out.........I'm hurtin', man

The official N.A.T.O. Code Name for this plane, a real threat when it appeared over the skies of Korea, is "FAGGOT" (see Complaint Dept. at NATO if you're offended). I personally think that's a great in-your-face slap to the Communist Soviets at the time, which was its intent: real, applied PSY-ops. I bet the red menace loved that one!
Anyway, do you think Horizon Hobby will label their box with the lettering: "This box contains one Bind 'N Fly, AS3X-qyro equipped MiG-15 FAGGOT"
It happens to be the truth.

With the AS3X stabilization, it's custom-made for the windy Gulf Coast. And.....a particularly "open" city on the windy West Coast, too. I've already got Hobby Lobby's MiG-15 so I'll probably get Horizon's, too, as they have the best service in the business, and good product, too. not let the sun go down on your anger
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