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Originally Posted by xmech2k View Post
Give NATO a little slack. Back then, faggot was slang for a cigarette.
You are correct, sir! Brits call smokes "fags" all the time. Right, my English friends?
I miss the day when it was okay to poke a finger in the enemy's eye with a good 'ol moniker like the glorious MiG-15 "faggot". When they first showed up, they did, afterall, shoot down our B-29s with impunity. A lot of good Americans died.
Back to payback fun: just imagine, you're in a flight of F-86's....
"Look, Captain Joe, Ten O'clock low. It's a flight of FAGGOTS! What say we dive and blast 'em with our 'fitties."
"Roger that, and good spottin'. Let's rodeo."
I, for one, salute you, NATO, for not being cowed-down wimpy at the time. Refreshing. not let the sun go down on your anger
--Paul, in Ephesians, ch. 4
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