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Originally Posted by earthsciteach View Post
I really am offended by this discussion. The term faggot is used as a derogatory... Ok, I can't keep a straight face any longer!

I always thought of the Mig-15 as a fat, ugly aircraft. Then I saw a Mig-17 fly in a local airshow last summer. On the ground they look like bloated pigs. In the air, they are amazing works of art! Good Lord, that jet was beautiful in appearance, sound and speed! I bought a 50 mm foamy RC version of the 'Faggot." It is a twitchy thing. My friend's F-86 is so much easier to fly. Given the choice, sign me up for the twitchy Mig! Good Lord, it is FUN!
Thought we had a live one, earth sci!

On to the fun of this new model! I've had fun at the expense of this MiG, and I'm thankful I'm not on the receiving end of her 37mm cannon like our fine American and British pilots (they flew Meteors) during the war. Just one more poke: she was also called "The Flying Tractor" by some of her critics and even pilots because of her odd, often asymetrical finish and general utilitarian appearance. I read that there were 21 Russian pilots who claimed "ace" status by the end of hostilities over Korea: Fedorets, Papelyaev, Smorchkov and Sutyegan (sp?) are some I remember. (Russian source: "MiG 15 aces of the Korean War". It is skewed to Soviet views but one can read they were simply beaten into submission by American pilots in F-86s).
Thankfully, because Horizon is making this model its quality should be stellar, better than Mikoyan-Gurevich. even. We won't need hammers to make things fit right. not let the sun go down on your anger
--Paul, in Ephesians, ch. 4
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