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Originally Posted by Left Coast DJ View Post
Been flying a Champ for a while now. Might be ready to upgrade. Budget is $200. What would be a better controller - DX6i or a Futaba T7C?

My next plane will most likely be a ParkZone T-28. If I get the DX6i, I'll get the T-28 BNF. If I get the T7C, I'll get T-28 PNP and drop the R617FS receiver that comes with it into the T-28.
Last summer I ran across a guy that was flying a $$$$ 3KW plus electric pattern model. It was obvious the guy really knew what pattern flying was all about. His radio was a DX6i with an AR7000 receiver. No problems what so ever, the DX6 transmitter/receiver worked just fine.

Check the prices and variety of receivers available for both Spektrum/JR radios in making your decision.

And if you've got more than a few models planned, Spektrum/JR has what's called "Model Match". Model match is where you bind "transmitter model #1" to the model airplane "Model #1", and go fly. If, later on, you decide to try to fly "model #2", and forget to change the transmitter to model #2, your receiver is dead. Dead. Dead. You can't take off with reversed ailerons for example, your model won't move if the transmitter and receiver models settings don't match.

I've seen some very expensive models crashed in the past few years when the pilot took off with the wrong model programmed into his Futaba or Hitec transmitter.

If you're looking at a number of models down the road, check into the Spektrum DX7. More money, but it's got 20 model capacity.

And, as for Spektrum, check this thread out:

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