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Default New fpv build and questions

Allright, here's some questions for all you FPV guys.

I am planning on building a hobbyking EPP FPV set up, with their 800mw or 1500 mw tx/rx/camera kit.

If you are not familiar with the plane, here's a link

I would LIKE to get a range of a mile or just a little under.

However, I will be flying on a dx6i. What receiver will give me my best chance at that kind of range? I know about UHF systems, but the problem for me is that I would not be able to install one of these on my own. I understand they require a fair bit of soldering and getting into the transmitter. Any solutions?

Im not planning on getting too fancy, so I don't think I will worry about OSD or pan and tilt.

I have heard many good things about the inverted V video TX antennas, so I think I will be purchasing one from

As far as the plane goes, I plan on using a 5000 mah 3 cell for the main power, and a 1000 mah 3 cell for the video gear. I will be using this motor:

Do you all think that will be enough power to lift both the 5000, 1000, video gear, the rest of the rc stuff, and the weight of the plane? Most peoples EPP FPVs have been coming out around 5 pounds with all their gear.

I will be using a 10 by 5 slow fly prop. Likely an APC. Nothing special.

One area of concern has been the video RX power supply. The hook up on the RX is a dc hook up, so I will likely have to buy a male DC end, and solder a female battery connector on the other end (likely JST). Not looking forward to all this soldering, as I have little to no experience at it.

I would like to keep things as plug and play as possible.

For a monitor I will probably use something like an old dvd player. No 300$ goggles for me :P.

If you have any tips or recommendations, please, fire away!

Thank you so much! -Jack

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