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I bought the advanced set 900mz from the company you mentioned...Readymaderc. I use a 72 mhz 5 channel radio from Parkzone. The set comes plug and play, Tx runs off a 11v 3cell lipo and so does the RX. It came with a 8db ant as well as a duck ant. I bought a 9 inch monitor from them made by Pyle Audio/Video for under a hundred bucks, a very nice clear monitor with remote control. The total weight added to my Diamond 2500A by the onboard FPV was only 5.3 oz. I use a 2200ma 3 cell to run the plane. This was the original factory suggested battery. The monitor is AC/DC. I use a 1500ma 3cell lipo to power it. I don't use OSD (yet) you I was hopeing for 1 mile...I have reached that goal with no issues. A very nice no thrills system that you can keep adding on to. Good support from them as well, a little slow on responce, but they will answer your questions! HAVE FUN!!
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