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Originally Posted by TM4197 View Post

I bought the advanced set 900mz from the company you mentioned...Readymaderc. I use a 72 mhz 5 channel radio from Parkzone. The set comes plug and play, Tx runs off a 11v 3cell lipo and so does the RX. It came with a 8db ant as well as a duck ant. I bought a 9 inch monitor from them made by Pyle Audio/Video for under a hundred bucks, a very nice clear monitor with remote control. The total weight added to my Diamond 2500A by the onboard FPV was only 5.3 oz. I use a 2200ma 3 cell to run the plane. This was the original factory suggested battery. The monitor is AC/DC. I use a 1500ma 3cell lipo to power it. I don't use OSD (yet) you I was hopeing for 1 mile...I have reached that goal with no issues. A very nice no thrills system that you can keep adding on to. Good support from them as well, a little slow on responce, but they will answer your questions! HAVE FUN!!
I took a look at the advanced set, and I'm darn near sold on it. Just have a few questions. (these questions go out to anybody if you can answer them)

How long does the included 500 mah run the camera and tx? With the 5000 mah and the motor I linked above, I'm expecting 30 minutes plus flight time, so video time would need to be high too.

Does the tx antenna that comes with the advanced set handle turns well? Like can you do a roll and still have clear video? Or should I still plan on buying the inverted V antenna?

Did the advanced kit come with cables to go from the rx to the video display?

Does the patch antenna get in your way much? Like do you feel limited on where you can fly and ect? I know I know can keep the plane near me, but I feel like I might get to following a car or bird or something and be led out of the range.

What radio are you useing? Is it the ZX10? Does it have a trainer port? What receiver are you using? Funny that a 30 dollar radio would have a mile long range and my 2.4 computer radio wouldn't even do half that

I dug around the house and found a 9 year old 4.5 inch wide and 3.25 inch tall screen with av in plugs. As far as I can tell, it doesn't cut to a blue screen the minute the video signal is weak (possibly due to when it was made?). Also found a 12v cigaret lighter power cord for it . Will this work for fpv, Or is the screen too small?

Thanks so much! Happy flying!

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