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Its a good system

1. I don't roll the cant say if video misses. But the antenna sticks well above the plane, and should also on I dont think your gonna see any glitches whether its upside down or upright.

2. Yes..all cables and extra cables come with the set. Ready to go.

3. My patch is mounted about 6 inches off the ground on one of the legs to the tri-pod (by velcro). Since I launch into the wind all the time, That patch is facing in the direction Ia'm launching and flying.

4. Yes, I use the ZX10, Great radio! It does have the trainer port. I use a spotter at all times. If you do get a glitch, your spotter can point you to your plane. Again, I use a sailplane, so I am flying at very slow speeds. I use a Corona 6 channel FM receiver from Headsup RC, about 12 bucks.

5. The TV should work..It might be too heavy to mount ontop of a Tripod, Camera Tripods work really good, you can mount everything on it. I got a Black plastic rectangle trash can, lay it on its side mounted to the top of the tripod, then my monitor goes inside the trashcan, makes a nice sun blocker. You can make cardboard painted black and tape them over your screen to get the same thing. I guess you could haul a 12volt battery to power the TV. Or get one of those portable power supplies that uses Cig adaptors. As far as size of screen, I have seen some about that small, I guess its what you get use too. Hopefully its color!
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