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Originally Posted by TM4197 View Post
The patch has a angle left and right, up and down...line of site is the best way to describe it. I don't have the degrees of the spread with me, others might know exactly what the degree spread is. But, Its pretty broad. I get a very good signal. I keep the patch aimed slightly up. When I fly about 85/90 degrees from the patch forward direction, I start getting a scratchy signal, so its time to turn around. I have done some steep banks into thermals never lost a signal...not even a hint. The duck antenna that comes with the RX will give you more of a 360 signal, but it is limited...not nearly the range as the patch.
Ok, great! Thanks so much! I'll probably have more questions as I get my parts and such, but as of now, I think i'm ready to order!

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