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Originally Posted by TM4197 View Post
I printed out a google earth map with quarter mile marks on it from the point of where i set my tripod up. . I flew to the mile mark visually via the FPV cam...might have been slightly short of it, when I turned, but I had perfect reception. I was also about 800-900 feet high. My brother had visual on it via binoculars, so I wasnt to concerned. Next outing, i will be pushing it a little farther. Iam flying in some pretty remote areas.

WOW! Thats awesome! When I get mine built, I will keep you posted on my records, being that we will have the same radio gear. As far as planes go, the epp fpv is a fair bit bigger than your plane, with nearly a 6 ft wingspan. I got to thinking about this, and decided that the motor I had originally planed to use would not have enough power for the 4lb rtf weight. The motor I had first planned on using pulls 350W. My carbon z yak weighs about 4lbs, and it pulls 600W. Then agian, that thing has unlimited vertical . Either way, I decided I will use this motor:

Pulls 550W (46 amps) with a 5 by 10. I don't know how that translates to power output in weight, but it sure looks good on paper!

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