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Got my equipment ordered !

I decided to go with the VEE TX antenna after all. I saw the flight test on the episode on antennas and they said it could help me get some extra range as well as a stronger signal around obstacles and during banks .

Something about the frequencies being tuned to exactly the same channel (910mhz in my case) gives more more range. With the ducky antenna it's just tuned at 900mhz so although it will work with 910mhz, its not as good of a connection.

Anyway, I'm still wondering about my 9 year old 3.25 by 4 inch screen. Mostly about the size. If I was to get a monitor, it would be the 9 inch one at readymade rc. I really don't want to get into more soldering as far as having to make an adapter between the barrel plug and the lipo plug for a new screen though. Do you guys know if readymade RC sell me one pre made? I have a 12 volt car plug to barrel plug cord for this old monitor, I wonder If it would work for a new monitor too .

Build photos are to come as soon as the plane get's here and I can start working on it!

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