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Originally Posted by TM4197 View Post
The SD and USB is for plug in and recording.
Okay, thanks. I really won't need to record for a while anyway, because i'll just be getting used to flying the plane, which probably wouldn't make for too good of video.

Starting off i'll just stay in sight, and just glance down to fly by the screen as I feel comfortable. For this kind of flying, should I use the ducky rx antenna since I won't be flying to far away? I thought the patch might have a very narrow signal beam up close, and the circle of signal that the ducky gives you might be better for staying near and learning. Am I correct about the patch having a very narrow beam when close, or do you still have signal anywhere in the area that you are facing?

Also, I hear some people like to have their patch antennas as close to the ground as possible. How do you mount yours? Are you supposed to have them near the ground?

As usual, thanks so much!

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