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Originally Posted by Davethebluessinger View Post
I recently electrified a Dogfighter SPAD,
The photo shows the original setup with an 1100KV Motor and a 30A ESC. It flew nicely but no real speed.
I'm now using a BL2815 1400KV with a 60A ESC, 8 x7E prop and a 30C 2200mah Lipo. It's drawing 430W . I get around 4 minutes flying which is long enough because it's ballistic!
Currently building a smaller HOR type plane but using an aluminium "U" section for the fuse, no elevator just elevons!
How about posting some photos of the HOR when you get it finished. I want to build a sport version of the HOR. I was going to build it with the aluminun angle left over from my Combat Hor but now you've got me thinking. I also have a length of the aluminum U channel. I would like to see how you did yours before I start mine.

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