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Hi Voltron,
I've christened the plane "E-Razor" I think the name suits the small (30" span) aggressive style of the plane.
I certainly will post pics, I'll try and get some photos of various stages of the build. This is the first plane I've ever "designed" so I'm really making it up as I go along!
I'm leaving the U channel a little overlength so I can play around with main wing position before finalising. Because the U channel I'm using is only 19mm wide I plan to mount the ESC centrally on top of the wing and I'll mount an adjustable platform for the battery that like the wing will be able to slide back and forth within the channel to adjust CG. Once finished and flying well I'll post dimensions/weights etc. so other folks can have a go.
The weekend forecast in the UK is for rain so I hope to make good progress on the build.

Called my local signwriter today and asked how much to screen print a sheet of free issue 2mm in a bright colour (they only have 4mm upwards) they quoted me 45 which is appx 9 times what the sheet itself would cost! I've ordered a tin of patio furniture spray paint in red at 7 instead!


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