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Originally Posted by dahawk View Post
Thanks much,

I'm going to head down to Target later and take a look. Sold under any particular brand name ? EG Air Hogs? Do you have the link to a build log?

I have plenty to fly right now with the 50mm T-45 Jpowers, HK Radjet, scratchbuilt F4J, Convair Sea Dart & F-22, my old T-28D & Cessna 182, but there's no better reward than to build a good flier on the cheap.

Check out my pics in my titan gallery on my album page in wattflyer. You are going to want to hollow out the fuselage so that battery can be placed nearly over the cg. cut off about 2 inches of the nose, try to cut in a little down and right thrust angle, mount your motor on a 1/4 inch of basswood with 1 1/4 inch bolts add hot glue to the bolts and wood and press it into the foam and hold til glue sets, then make a bead of glue on the outside of the wood/foam joint. I used my finger to blend it a bit. Make sure you leave the ESC on the outside of the plane for cooling in the summer i have had esc's cut out from getting to hot when i tried to install them internally. I liked using 7 inch long by 1 3/4 inch wide alierons with lots of throw. Elevators are about 6 inches long and 1 1/5 inch wide. You can rig up a rudder with nylon hinges and 5mm depron or just go 3 channel. adding a rudder involved cutting the vertical stabilizer to make a nice straight vertical surface for mounting the hinges. i cut out servo pockets and mount them in as flush to the foam as i can leaving enough room for the arms to move. for the elevator i use 2 servos with a y harness since the elevator is not a single peice. if you don't have a reversed servo you can put the control rod on the top of one servo arm and the bottom of the other, that seems to work just fine or you could try mixing a 5th channel slaving it to the elevator servo...but that may be more complicated than necessary. I use 3m fiberglass reinforced packign tape for the hinges on the elevators and ailerons and around the nose motor mount to help keep it secured to foam. Also make a belly strip of tape for a landing skid. I plan on building one soon I will try to do a good build log and add it to my blog...just need to get the time.

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