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Default Soloed today!

I soloed today! No video because I wasn't expecting to. I had my Apprentice at the "renegade" field with my friend (and a bunch of other flyers). Last week, I took off on one flight and landed on another. Thursday, I flew at the field I'm a member of with the trainer taking off and landing (lot of wind that day) and again, I flew circuits most of the time. Today, I took off, flew the circuit and did a lot of figure eights. When I got ready to land, without thinking, I told him I was going to bring it in. I overshot the runway a bit, but it was still on three wheels.

Then I suddenly realized, I had soloed. Woo Hoo!!! Three more flights today with each landing better than the ones before. Of course, we had zero wind today. But I'll take it!
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