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Default Dunam HAwk sky glider with grayson v2 pusher upgrade Prop problems

Just installed a upgrade of the graysonhobby v2 pusher motor upgrade. grayson recommended a reverse 6x4 prop. This is the thing. When installed normal which is with the 6x4 lettering facing the rear of plane. the spin will push air to the tail only spinning in the direction of the thin side of prop? Normally the thick side of prop is into the wind as on normal pull plane.

reverse motor spin direction,,,, wind flow is toward front of plane, bad.

I reversed prop an it worked out, however had to drill thru front of prop which seems to defeat purpose of reverse prop purchase.??

I admit I am green on pusher prop, reverse, prop, etc. is the thin side of prop on reverse prop supposed to spin into wind instead of thick side???

The apc is pretty thin,,, on the thin side of prop, I dont know if that is a proper way to fly it?
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