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Default which electric plane for a small space, for a beginner?

Hello to all
I just started with micro helicopters, after 1 month I bought a micro helicopter cp (mcpx v2) and I am very happy with windy; flight in a field of 20x20 m (a little bigger) surrounded by trees. in this field every time the kids pass.
Yesterday I tried the easy glider on top of a hill, but without people, I enjoyed it very much but I have no places near where you can go.
My question is:
There is an electric plane small enough to fly in a field so small even with some wind? Must be able to fly well in a small space and low speed so that if I have to change direction, I can do it quickly. The simulator G5 and tried the Pluma 3D; is quite big but slow flying in a small space and even with some wind.
I'm a beginner but people who saw me gliding and a "whole wing" (I hope is the correct name in English) of 1 meter told me that I have thumbs good
Is there something similar? (if possible with the ailerons and rudder).
p.s: sorry for my bad english
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