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Default props reverse

thanks this was helpful, I am going to order some normal props, an go from there, I just flipped the reverse prop over an changed motor direction i will get in the air an get by til the other props come in. I did not know the purpose of reverse props til now.

I appreciate the help from the members always prompt an helpful.

I will say the graysin hobby super mega v2 is one powerful motor . it sheard off half of my elevator on my hawk sky, and stripped out the stock servo, I hinged the elevator an installed 2 detrum servos near the base of the tail to have 2 servos on the elevator. I beefed the back half of the tail with some rods. I also cut down the elevator tail. I had added a extension in the past for aerobatics. She is real heavy now after a year of learning to fly on her, tape hot glue, etc,

IF I can get her airborne this time with the mega motor I may recut off her wing tips as I did in the past, an just use her as a straight line speed plane. All the extra weight should get me some impressive straffing dives.

Thanks again

Alabama Flying dude
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