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The ifo was not good and don't work with wind.
The flat out was ok but work with wind? was good so bid in so little space?
The Beat was little difficult for me (on simulation g5) and doesn't work with wind
The Hiper taxi...nooo is not a airplaine or similar I don't like it.
The champ was perfect but no alierons.Champ works with wind?;there is a model like champ with alieron?
I like emx tecnology like beast but I don't find a model like champ with alieron and umx tecnologies
There is one?
Thx (non so big and that fly witn wind.
Electric glide or airplane for me is the same but the model must respet my hard request:
Model to move in a small space.
Shock resistant
Model that can fly with the wind.
A model that can fly with little speed, when asked (in my case, almost always... )
I'm no expert, but people who saw me fly with Hirobo (2 glider axis) have told me that I have good hands, are little more than a beginner

Originally Posted by AEAJR View Post
I don't know your skill level with airplanes so I started with simple to fly slow flying airplanes but if you have the skills maybe a 3D airplane.


Flat out

The Beast

The Hyper Taxi
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