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Default Turnigy 9x arming question

I just installed a 9x system in my glider. Removed an old Futaba FM system that was working properly. After binding the rx everything worked fine except the throttle. Motor won't arm. I feel like it's a tx issue as both my old Futaba as well as a DX7i worked fine. I think I have something amiss with the tx as the rudder and ele work fine. I'm getting a complex set of beeps from the esc but don't know enough about esc's nor do I have documentation that tells me how to decode the beeps. Kinda think it's a throttle stick position issue but it's down with trim as well. So therefore I kinda think it's in the 9x tx setup and programming. I'm having a tough time understanding the online manuals for the 9x. Any ideas?
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