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I'd say, managing to keep a 37" wing span, (+/-)1.5lb, rudder only controlled (3ch) Venom Island Hopper in the air and "under control" with winds at 15-25mph, is more than "an accomplishment"'s damn near impossible for the most experinced pilot!

Correct me if I'm off track....but the original request was from an inexperienced pilot looking for a craft that could be flown in a relatively small environment with a bit of wind........Although my experince with a Venom suggests it's a decent plane for the advanced beginner, (not enough dihedral), to allude to it's abilty to handle winds above 10mph even by an "experienced" just plain poooooh!

AEAJR's suggestions are great choices...even for those (old guys like me) who just want to put around on a nice calm day at the ball field.
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