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Default Weird HobbyKing experience

I was reading the WWI thread comparing different S.E.5a's and looking up the models on their home sites. On HobbyKing, looking at their DuraFly model, I noted that it was out of stock in the US warehouse. Then the pop-up opened, offering me a discount, and (Yeah, I'm susceptible to impulse buying) I thought "Hey, they got new stock in!" and ordered it.

Later in the day, I had a few minutes free, so I checked in with their help chat, to ask if they had an expected stock arrival date. Now, I know there's a language barrier, so I don't feel like I was mistreated, or anything, but I was told that 1) they don't know when to expect stock, 2) customers cannot order that model currently and 3) can we help you with anything else?

I replied that I had, in fact, ordered that model, and they had, in fact, got my money ($173, shipping included - good price!) and that I just wanted to know if they expected any soon, and the reply was 4) Thank you for the interest in our products.

Dang! Do you guys think I should follow up on this, or just wait. I'm not in any hurry, and backordered is fine, but I'm really not sure if they understand that I've ordered and payed for the plane.

I love HobbyKing, and buy a bunch of my stuff from them. I'm definitely not bashing, just want to avoid any confusion and disappointment.

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