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Originally Posted by stuart View Post
spad,i owe you an apology......i didn't know you were beaten by an ugly woman in a dark alley. this explains everything. dude ,let it go...she probably won't do it again if you stop going in dark allies.....

what do i know,never been beaten by anyone that i didn't fight back,so never embarrassed.[though i did get a serious beating in high school,never should have challenged a psychopath/sado-masochist with a criminal record cause he chuckled at my arguing with my girl]

now as far as hobbyking goes,i use them for batteries and misc items that i know it's quality.parkjet is cheap and loads of fun ,hxt 900 servos are great for parkflyers...but don't get upset if it's DOA. don't waste your money there if you can buy from local stores and give them your business. failure to use local hobby shop will cause them to become many will order your needs and save you shipping cost. at least my local shop does and matchs prices on the net for tower or horizon parts.
Apology accepted: it is about as pleasant as a dog bite (a metaphor, you know).

Apparently, reading is a skill. Nowhere did I say I had the experience: it is, after all, a metaphor. Q.V. "figure of speech." The word "like" customarily introduces the metaphor, not the woman.

By the way, the plural is "alleys." If you go into one or more "allies," (dark or otherwise) you may have a problem worse than you know!
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