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Originally Posted by Bobdaeronort View Post
out again with my new Super Flanker.

I posted the PDF plans for my Five Easy Piece Flanker on my media fire site however I have the file password protected. Would any one like to Beta test my Flanker and report back here with video and comments?
I wouldn't mind giving it a try Bob but to be honest i couldn't say how long it would take before i could get back to you and post any comments or a video on it,as the weather over this side of the pond isn't at it's best as per usual,i've got a stack of planes waiting to be maiden as it is but if you get stuck send me a PM and i'll do my best for you,but if you get some other takers you might want to let them try before me.

Good luck not that i think that plane needs it as she looks good enough to me.
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