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Default Lanier Mariner 120 Electric Conversion

I found my dream seaplane at a local hobby shop near Montreal. This beautiful Mariner had been waiting in its box for... 5 years.

I tried to upload pictures but I received a notice saying "there is a security token that's missing"... I sent a email to the forum administrator and should be able to post pictures soon.

My setup:

-Tacon Big Foot 110
- Ice 100a esc
- Hitec HS-625 Hi Torque MG
- Graupner 16x8 Nylon Prop
- 2 x 5000 4S lipo in series
- Flying weight: around 14 pounds

I finished assembling the wing and wing floats, I installed the motor pod and the esc. As there will be no air flow I fear the esc may get hot... But with 33 volt (8S) I only need 45 amps to get 100 watts per pound so I will bench test the motor to see if the esc stays cool.

I tried to balance the bird with the recomended CG at 98 millimeters but it refuses to balance; it will tip forward or backward but will not stay still. The manual states the Mariner when balanced must have its nose down about 10 degrees.

Can anyone help me figuring out how to balance the Mariner? As with my other seaplanes with a pod (Seawind, etc.) I balanced the Mariner upside down. Should I try the other way?

Thanks for your insights.
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