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I've got the this plane and most of the PZ warbirds but sorry to say i haven't changed the motor just yet,no doubt i will but to many other projects to sort out first.

The motor i put in my PZ F4U Corsair was the Turnigy easy match G10 which gives tat loads more power and it was a straight swap with no mods to anything,just remember when you upgrade motors you might have to add a bit more strength in the wings,i also used a Turnigy 3536 motor in my old PZ Spitfire and that thing really does get up and go,some times a bit to fast to be honest.

If i remember correctly some people are using the Turnigy G10 and G15 which work out the same sort of motor to the power 10 and 15,but you will have to check out what on the links i'll post.

If you can't find out to much info on this forum i'll leave a link to the motors i used and i'll leave a link to a big thread on this plane over on rcgroups,there are a few boys over there that have changed the motor out,if you don't want to read it all just asked and they will be only to happy to let you known what motors they used.
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