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Yep Hillbille is right about the prop as i've got the PZ extra prop on my New PZ Spitfire and my PZ P-47 thunderbolt,which is as he said is a 10.5 x 9 and that will give you the little more speed enough that you will notice.

PLus you could always just go the battery route and i use the blue Turnigy 3s 2200mah 40/50C or/and the Nano-Tech 3s 2200mah 25/50C batteries,as these will boost your speed a little and again so that you Will notice,as i have have these batteries and they perform all lot better than the standard PZ batteries and the C rating is higher.

AS i said in my earlier post the Turnigy easy match 10G motor was a straight swap out for the PZ one in my F4U Corsair but i can't say for sure about the PZ Spitfire one,also there are loads of motor mounts sold on ebay that are made to fit the PZ range of warbirds to suit the Hobbyking brand of motors,i know because i've used one for my older Spitfire (the first one PZ brought out) i've got a video showing that build,so i'll upload it just in case your interested,if not someone else might enjoy it.

You will be able to see the Turnigy 3536 motor that i used as well as the motor mount,but as you said you didn't want to go that fast i'd say go for the Turnigy 10G,if not try the battery or prop option as both of them are good on there own and together.

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