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Default Model Airplane Building Clinic >> Begins 29 Sep. All Skill Levels Welcomed

I am currently building a MM Switchback Sr and thinking to myself how much I enjoy building model airplanes. Then I thought that there are probably a bunch of folks that have never actually built a plane from either a kit or plans. Could be tons of reasons why that is, but perhaps one of the reasons is that they are not sure if they could actually build something from a kit. So then I thought, what about an online tutorial to teach folks how to build something. But even better yet, how about we get a bunch of folks working on the same plane at the same time and if they have any problems or questions, there will be a number of folks that could help answer their question.

So with that said, who would like to build a plane with me? You can build whatever you want to build, if you need some ideas let me know. I know a good choice is from Mountain Models or Stevens AeroModels since they are such great quality kits. You can be a total beginner to building or even an experienced builder, but I thought it would be cool to have a bunch of folks all building a plane at the same time so we can teach people on how to build a balsa plane.

I figure 29 Sep would be a good start date for the project to begin. That would give us time to figure out what we want to build and give people time to purchase the necessary things to build the plane. Then when we finish the build, we can pick a weekend and have a mass maiden with pics and videos being posted on how they go.


1. Murocflyer... Builder (Mountain Models Switchback)
24. Turner... Builder (Carl Goldberg Mirage 550)
25. BradT... Builder (TBD)
26. Pd1... Master Builder (Astro-Hog)
27. Aeroknot...Newbie (Mimi DLG & Mountain Models Lucky ACE)
28. Unclebuck21228...Builder (Dick's Dream)
17. RCTOYS4ALL...Builder (House of Balsa T-6)
30. JerseyDog...Newbie (Mini Stick)
35. Stevephoon...Builder (Aerotech Chrysalis 2m Electric sailplane)
1007. offtom...Builder (Martin B-10)

Click on the name above to go to their build thread.

Instructor List

Contact the below individuals at anytime that you have a question or problem.

1. Murocflyer
2. rcers

I figure we better clarify skill levels so we can know who we are working with.

Newbie: No experience in building a balsa plane at all.

Basic: Has built one or two planes, but mostly has assembled balsa ARF planes.

Builder: Experience with working with balsa. Has built a number of planes or designed and built his own planes using balsa.

Master Builder: Been there done that. Has forgotten more about building balsa planes than most know.

Does that cover it?

Since this is going to be a clinic on how to build an airplane, all builders must have some tools to work with. I have put together a list of tools all builders shoould have. See here:

So who wants to be involved? Let me know and if you have any questions or some ideas on how we can make this even better please feel free to speak up.



For those that have not decided what to build yet, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed in any of these selections:

Mountain Models


EVA Sport


Stevens Aero



Shaft (400)

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