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Default #27 Model Airplane Building Clinic >> Mimi DLG 1 meter polyhedral<<

This thread intended as a discussion of building the 1 meter polyhedral DLG Mimi. Any tips, hints, and good humor is sincerely appreciated. Please also refer to Murocflyer's building clinic thread.

I plan to build the Mimi over the next few months...building on scattered days now and then....I've built foamies, but this will be my first balsa build.

I also have no experience with sailplanes or DLG....

span - 1000mm
length 780mm
weight 160-170grams

The Mimi is designed by Frans Bal, who has on request freely emailed many people his Mimi plans. There are several links to various build threads and also his email on his web page.

His web pages also have many detailed photos of his build. His build photos are a good guide.

There are several Mimi versions including a dihedral solid balsa wing and a polyhedral semisolid wing.

I will build the polyhedral semisolid wing version.

When finished, I'll update this post with some photos, etc.

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