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Originally Posted by pd1 View Post

I always wanted to see what was in a DLG.
Actually it is... "what's not in a DLG".

60 inch plane ready to fly and some are only 8 ounces, Maybe even a tad less. Mine is a beginner model, to fit my skills, and it weighs in at a "portly" 10 ounces.

The technology is pretty astounding. Foam core, (some are hollow) wings and tail parts. Strings to actuate the control surfaces with a spring for return motion, extensive use of carbon and Kevlar to build an 8 once plane that is relatively rugged. Entry lever 1.5 meter planes are considered full size. Mine can be bought for about $230 plus the radio gear. Some are $1000. Yup, that is the right number of zeros I can just see my wife now if I came home with a $1000 DLG. I don't think I can afford the divorce

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