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The MiMi is a great little design. I did the drawing of the built up wing for Frans, though I never got around to actually building one. I do have a set of parts cut out and one day I'll get around to it

Regarding weight, I'd call 160-170g rather 'porky' for a 1M DLG. If it were me I'd be aiming for as close to 100g as possible. I'm pretty sure 120g could be done without too much trouble if you pick your wood carefully and use lightweight finish and RC gear. I've got the Elf 1M DLG which weighs 95g ready to fly. When weight is added to the Elf it has a very noticable negative impact on performance. I guess if you are flying just for fun then ultimate performance is possibly not the main issue but nonetheless you do want to keep it as light as reasonably possible, especuially at the tail as any weight added there is likely to be multiplied several fold with added nose weight.

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