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Default Saving weight

Good info, jetplaneflyer. Although I'm building according to the plans, I've considered using depron for the tail feathers - I'll have to compare weights and see which is lighter, versus what looks better.

I'll use the lighter balsa for the ribs, but will keep the trailing edge heavy balsa.

I planned on covering the wings with 1.5mil laminate, which I think will cost about 3grams heavier than the So-Lite. But I already have a bunch of the laminate.

(Solarfilm lite (So-Lite) weighs about 20-25 g.s.m, and 1.5 laminate (Doculam) about 41.5 gram per square meter. I'm estimating a wing area of 0.13 square meter (130mm * 1000mm). So, about 21.5*0.13 = 3 grams difference weight penalty.) We'll see what the actual weight change with the laminate is.)
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