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Hi Steve,
Shame on you for not having build a MiMi yet
Have been a while since we had "contact", hope your doing fine.

Weight isn't that critical with the MiMi. The biggest difference with a Elf is it wing area. The MiMi has quite a bit more. In light wind a Elf will outperform a MiMi. The biggest advantage of a MiMi is it's ability to carry a fairly amount of ballast. Empty the Solid wing version will weigh 150-160 gram. But you need really light balsa for this weight. A semi solid wing version will weigh the same but the wing can be build from heavier balsa. The build-up wing is the lightest with 140 gram. With this weight the wing loading is almost the same as an Elf.
It is possible to ballast the MiMi up to 220-230 gram in high winds without losing to much of performance and that's a plus.

Hello Aeroknot,
Wow, great step by step building log / clinic.

have fun Frans
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