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Yep i'd have to agree with you on that as she is a great flying plane with out any doubt,i put the CS 10 bladed fan in my Vampire with a HET motor in it and man do she sound sweet.

It is up there as one of my favorite EDF's this summer as thats the one i've been flying the most out of all of them,as i now have about seven and counting.

The Durafly range has been really stepping up there game what with all these new planes they have and are bringing out,the MK24 Spitfire should soon be out and you can see a video of that one on Hobbykings Youtube channel if you like.

I'm looking forward to the new Durafly Sea Vixen ( EDF ) when it comes out which shouldn't be to long now from what Scott tells us on the thread over on rcgroups.

Here i'll see if i can post a video of it.

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