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Default My Lanyu Cessna 182 TW-747 III

Started work on my newest RTF, yeah right, a Lanyu Cessna 182 TW-747 III with a 61.4" wingspan and a hefty 3lbs. I guess my expectations for the term "RTF" are a bit high from my experience. Now the E-Flite Apprentice 15e was what I'd call RTF, all the others I'd put in the ARTF category. I really like what the TW-747 is turning out to be but getting there was not what I'd call a walk in the park. The instructions lack detail and content. For example, it started out by saying "attach the wheels to the landing gear with screws. OK, there was roughly 20 screws and no hint as to which I should use. All I could do was use common sense in thinking they would probably use the shortest that would do the job, and if I ran in to a spot later where I was short screws that fit, I'd assume I used the wrong one somewhere. Also, after looking 4 times through the manual I came to the conclusion someone forgot to put in the instructions on installing the ailerons & flaps. I'm shooting from the hips on them now after realizing I should have put them on BEFORE putting the wings on.

Other than the obvious I'm really liking what I see so far. Ought to handle the Kansas wind pretty fair and still look good doing it. I like scale
All I've got left, after a full night of work, is the ailerons, flaps and decals

Here is my bald 182 next to my Corgi for size comparison.

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