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Let me know if these pictures don't show what you're after.

how heavy is this plane? i have an apprentice, and it's kinda light for windy days it seems. i've only flown in maybe 10mph winds and it did well, just made me nervous.
This plane is 3lbs and should handle wind a little better. I fly my Apprentice in pretty fair wind but for me the key is to get off the ground quick and above any turbulence. Once you get up above ground effect turbulence it really isn't so bad even in a good wind.

I was really hoping to get to fly the new plane this weekend but it's not looking so good. I'm the Network Administrator for our local hospital and I've got some people doing some remediation on my network closets and they tell me they need to take my main closet(MDF) down. The only way I can let them do that is on a weekend and they chose this Saturday and Sunday from 4:00 AM to 4:00 PM both days. I've got to be there the entire time. Unless the wind dies down after 4:00 PM, which doesn't happen very often, I'm out of luck till next weekend.
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