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Originally Posted by rcers View Post
It would sure be nice if Futaba would adapt the universal connector standard like the rest of the world.

It would even be nicer if JR/Spektrum and Airtronics would have the Futaba orientation slots in their receiver cases as Hitec does
The slot for the Futaba orientation (not polarity) tab acts as a positive reference for orientating the JR universal style plugs without having to look for the markings on the case. Signal lead goes towards the slot, simple
FWIW, Futaba servo plugs have had the bevels on them for many years, so trimming the tab off is all that's needed to use them on JR and Airtronics receivers.
I still have JR/universal style connectors on some of my planes, for aileron connections you have to be careful to watch your wire colors, as it's easy to get them reversed. A PITA if you find out after bolting on the wing that one of your ailerons is not working. Been there, done that

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