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Looks like you're off to a good start.

The amount of power you need depends on what you're planning to do with the plane. For basic sport flying, 180 watts is plenty, the plane will go nearly vertical on that. 250 watts could be good for some types of competition. Since you're planning to extend the nose, you don't need a lot of motor weight up front.

The plane was originally designed for a Speed 600, and an MP Jet 28/20-7 (5.7 ounces, outstanding motor, but unfortunately no longer available) weighs about the same. If you go with a lighter motor and the stock nose, you will end up having to add more weight further aft than what you save with the motor, just to get the correct C/G. However, the extended nose fixes that problem.

We are planning to extend the nose of the stock kit, but implementing that in production is much more complex than it sounds, and may take a while. In the meantime, it isn't too hard to extend it yourself. I'll talk you through it when you're ready.

HS-80 or equivalent servos work fine for the tail. The main concern is for durability.Talis tend to get a lot of bumps, getting snagged in doorways. etc., so you need something with gears that don't get stripped easily by such things. HS-60's would work if your linkages are perfect, but a little marginal on torque if there's any friction. The spoilers don't need much, some GWS Pico servos or equivalent are fine. The big limitation there is finding something thin enough to fit in the wing, you have a depth of about 7/16" to work in. The plans show a short pushrod to connect each servo to its spoiler (there is a short piece of stainless steel aircraft safety wire included in the kit for this), to make sure the spoiler can't suck open in flight. However, some folks use a small rare-earth magnet to hold the spoiler closed, and just let the arm on the servo push up against a small 1/64" ply plate on the underside of the spoiler to open them.
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