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30 Minute Thermal Duration 
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Originally Posted by Don Stackhouse View Post
.... For basic sport flying, 180 watts is plenty, the plane will go nearly vertical on that. 250 watts could be good for some types of competition. ...
HS-80 or equivalent servos work fine for the tail. ...
The spoilers don't need much, some GWS Pico servos or equivalent are fine. The big limitation there is finding something thin enough to fit in the wing, you have a depth of about 7/16" to work in. ...
Thanks for this info Don. I'm basically looking for a "Sport" setup, but I'd like to be able to try some ALES type competitions if I feel I get good enough. But another look for some yet lighter motors maybe in order.

I never thought to on check the depth requirement for the spoiler servos. Thanks for the warning...

And pd1 and Dimeflyer... Welcome to the thread!


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