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I won't be building with you but I will be following.

I will be posting a link to this thread for my club. We have many in the club who like to build and the DJAerotech Chrysalis has a very good reputation both as a kit and as a great flying pure glider. I am sure it will be excellent as an e-glider too.

The 260 watt motor being used seems a very good choice for sport flying. For anyone who might be thinking of this for ALES, altitude limited electric soaring contests, I would suggest 130+ watts/pound as a good minimum target in order to be able to hit your 200 meters in 30 second goal.

If the finished weight target of 37 ounces is reached that would be about a 300 watt motor. I might target 320 to be safe.

The ALES format has become very popular in our club and across the country so I think taking this into account in the build plan might be a good idea. But I realize that this may not fit into your design goals.

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