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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
I also have Futaba 1980's servos ... but they have the old 3 pin style plugs ... I'm told is not simple matter to change over.

This is exactly what I just did. I just cut the leads off of a couple of cheap broken servo's we had laying around, cut the old 3 pin connector off, did a quick solder job, and its considered to be ready to fly. Red to red, white to white, and black to black. Done deal.

One thing I have noticed.

Holding even a large "newer" style servo next to on from the am days, the am servo's were almost twice as deep, and weigh quite a bit more. They also seem to have less travel. If you look at the control thows for our lighter electric models, they are probably twice the size, and twice the throw of a similar sized nitro model. They also fly much slower, and have quite a bit less weight.

Because of this, the older nitro planes I have been playing with, there take off speed is probably what some of my electrics are, wot in a dive. The control surfaces are much smaller, have less throw, and the servo horns are thicker and stronger, but smaller. With the higher speed, I just simply don't think that you need the throw.

One thing I have noticed that seems to be a trend, the rudders on planes have gottten bigger and have more throw. Some of the planes I have dug out, the rudder is almost in-effective at full throw. My dad said they never really used rudders much back in the day. Don't know if that is just his planes, or the way it was back then.
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