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Originally Posted by Dimeflyer View Post
I am thinking about joinning you...
forum size pics so I can't put up pics , am trying to save up the money for a better one so I can show what I am doing !
I just recieved a plan for the Gentle Lady sail plane so I will be working with that over the winter for the spring flying weather !!
Feel free to join along. Sizing pictures can be a pain. I have switched to just using a lower relolution on my camera so the pictures are directly uploadable.

Originally Posted by AEAJR View Post

The 260 watt motor being used seems a very good choice for sport flying. For anyone who might be thinking of this for ALES, altitude limited electric soaring contests, I would suggest 130+ watts/pound as a good minimum target in order to be able to hit your 200 meters in 30 second goal.

If the finished weight target of 37 ounces is reached that would be about a 300 watt motor. I might target 320 to be safe.

Hi Ed,

This is some good info on power levels. I did not realize that I would need that much power to reach 200 m in the time frame needed for ALES competitions. Did you know that I blame you for this build? It was one of your threads on how much fun you have flying sailplanes are that made me think I need one.

Also, thanks for your primer on electric flight… It has helped me greatly over the last few years.


Growing the fleet!
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