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Originally Posted by Stevephoon View Post
Welcome aboard vicrider....

Well, I'm thinking about sticking with my original thought of a 260 watt motor for now.. Most of the motors I can find in that are rated 320 watts and above also weigh more than I'd like. Since the 260 watt motor is a 35-30 size, it will be easy to swap out for a slightly more powerfull (but longer and heavier) one if I need to.

The weather is great here in Michigan for a change... So, still no building yet. Just flying! (and work and fixing things around the house and fixing my son's car and yard work..........)

This is your build buddy, and I am not really a builder so take what I say with the usual grain of salt.

The original design was based on a heavy Speed 600 motor. You are going to put in a light brushless. So that weight has to be made up somehow.

Several people in our club built Bird of Time kits and some extended the nose to reduce the amount of lead needed to balance. Worked well but that long nose was much more prone to breakage. So a little bit heavier brushless with a bit less extension of the nose might not be a bad thing.

Just food for thought.

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